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Crushing Churn

Founders and CROs hire me when churn has become a big enough pain that it has to be dealt with now.

They have a great product.

They have great growth.

But their churn is still higher than they’d like.

It’s eating too much into profits.

They’ve tried to reduce churn on their own.

But, despite their best efforts, their churn is still higher than they’d like.

Why Churn is so hard to crush on your own

Simply put — it’s because churn is an end result.

It’s a lagging indicator.

It means whatever happened before customers churned is the issue.

That’s what has to be addressed.

And that’s complicated.

You’re smart.

You know that reducing churn is complicated.

You know it spans many areas in your business.

And that’s why you’ve not been as successful as you’d like.

It’s because reducing churn has so many moving parts.

You’ve likely tried to make changes in many of them or maybe only in some of them.

You’ve put a lot of time, thought and effort into implementing changes hoping to get a big reduction in churn.

But those efforts didn’t get the results you wanted.

And that’s left you wondering what you need to do to fix this problem.

As a SaaS Entrepreneur, it is always hard to be on top of everything —

We need to handle customers, admin tasks, product development, inbound marketing etc. to make money.

Anita not only helped us to understand the amazing financial value we could add to our MRR by just optimizing these users’ management, but she also put in place the right processes in our organization to maximize the dollar value of each user trying our SaaS.

Unlike most consultants, she doesn’t only give advice. She supervises the evolution of our optimization process and makes sure that every step is completed.

Anita was a wonderful asset for the success of our SaaS.

Stéphane Cohen

Founder and CEO, Shared Contacts for Gmail


You’ve tried you’re best.

And now you’re growing frustrated.

And that makes sense.

It’s because you only have a limited amount of time.

And you’re busy spending your time and energy on growing the business.

While you know fair bit about churn, you don’t have unlimited time to also become a churn expert.

That’s simply too much.

The great thing is you don’t have to become a churn expert.

You can rely on my expertise instead.

How i crush Churn

Working so many years in a university research institute, I look at things differently.

I spot patterns where others cannot.

And what I see is these same patterns showing up over and over again.

With all my clients.

Over many years.

And how these patterns are the key to reducing churn.

I call them the Churn Triangle of Opportunity™.

Churn Triangle of Opportunity

Having customers leave your business affects every area of your company.

And your company suffers because of it.

In working with B2B SaaS companies like yours, I’ve found there are 3 places where the biggest opportunities lie to get those churn rates down.

I call it the Churn Triangle of Opportunity™:

1)    Involuntary churn

2)    Customer Feedback

3)    Onboarding

All 3 areas of these areas play a big role in helping you keep your customers longer. Knowing which one of these to focus on first can be difficult.

Unless you have experience.

My clients are successful in reducing churn because I bring:

a)     years of knowledge and experience

b)    the Churn Triangle of Opportunity

It’s the combination of my years of knowledge and experience plus the Churn Triangle of Opportunity™ that allow me to help you find the best area to start focusing your attention to reduce churn quickly.

wHat You’ll Get

The biggest thing I see from my clients isn’t the decrease in churn.

It isn’t the increase in MRR.

It isn’t the increase in profits.

The biggest thing I see in my clients is relief.

They know they have an expert helping them get the results they want.

And that takes off a lot of pressure from trying to figure it out on their own.


 My clients transform.
They go from worried to relieved.
From frustrated to happy.

They have




If this sounds appealing, here’s what you do next:

What to do Next

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