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Crushing Churn

Founders and CEOs hire me when churn has become a big enough pain that it can’t be ignored any longer.

Every company I’ve worked with had some ideas to bust churn, but they weren’t sure if those ideas would work.

Many of them didn’t know where to start.

They saw a lot of possible routes but felt lost,  without direction.

They felt pressure

from co-founders or investors and from themselves to do something to cut churn.

They struggled to sleep at night frustrated by how to get churn down asap.

They had ideas on what to try but didn’t know if they’d work.

Deep down, they knew they HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

So they reached out to me.

How i crush Churn

I take a deep dive into your business.

I look for the biggest opportunities to immediately start crushing churn.

Then I guide you through the process of implementing those opportunities.

Working so many years in a university research institute, I look at things differently.

I can often spot patterns where others cannot.

When I come into a business as a consultant, these patterns become obvious to me and I ask one of my favorite questions: “Why is it like that?

And it’s in answering that question that hidden opportunities are discovered.


Suddenly, solutions to reduce churn become obvious.

My clients are relieved.
They’re happy.


They have




That’s when all doubt around my ability to reduce churn vanishes.
I’ve helped my clients reduced churn by up to 10% within 6 months of hiring me.

working together,

you will

  • move from worry and frustration to relief and confidence
  • get clear focus and direction to gain forward momentum
  • find hidden opportunities that build on that forward momentum

You’ll also see positive movement in your KPIs.

As a SaaS Entrepreneur, it is always hard to be on top of everything — We need to handle customers, admin tasks, product development, inbound marketing etc. to make money. Anita not only helped us to understand the amazing financial value we could add to our MRR by just optimizing these users’ management, but she also put in place the right processes in our organization maximize the dollar value of each user trying our SaaS. Unlike most consultants, she doesn’t only give advice. She supervises the evolution of our optimization process and makes sure that every step is completed. Anita was a wonderful asset for the success of our SaaS.

Stéphane Cohen

Founder and CEO, Shared Contacts for Gmail

If this sounds appealing, here’s what you do next:

What to do next

If you’re a B2B SaaS with $50K – $100K MRR, then


1) Fill out the application.

2) Then book a time to speak with me.




Before you apply, watch this video first: