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Anita Toth

It’s my goal to help you get the right information so you can confidently crush your churn.

There are 2 ways I can help you:


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Churn Consulting with Anita

Foundational Guides and Downloads


These guides will help you become more confident in crushing churn.
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Giant Customer Feedback book
11 ways to reduce churn
Customer Experience High Fiving
sales renewals
mini-guide How to conduct killer exit interviews

Consulting with Anita

I’ve helped over 20 Customer Success Leaders and Founders create a powerful retention strategy to confidently crush their churn.

The result?
They retain more customers.
They become more confident.
They grow faster.

If churn is a problem and you want help, choose the image below that describes you and learn how you can work with Anita to create a powerful plan to start crushing your churn today.



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