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P.S. The Churn Crusher System has been replaced by Customer Insights 360™, a more powerful way of finding those hidden churn reasons in your existing processes.


What others Founders think about their confidential call

One 45-minute conversation with Anita and you’ll get at least one “Aha” moment about your business. She understands the customer success space intimately, having talked to and worked with so many companies.

I would recommend anyone trying to reduce churn for their company take a discovery call with Anita.
Plus, her upbeat personality makes her wonderful to talk.

Alan Zhao


I really enjoyed my advisory session with Anita. She shared a lot of professional experience that provided me with a valuable new perspective on how my business can meet our customers’ needs. 

Michael Wendland


Whew! I need a nap after that session! Anita fired so much amazing information at me and asked fantastic questions during our session.

Not only that, but she gave me a ton of actionable items of what to do not only to REDUCE our churn, but also to RECOVER past churn.

It was a fantastic session and I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking to reduce your churn and retain more of your subscribers.
Thanks again Anita!

Aaron Foster


Less than $3 million ARR Founder 

Some tools to help you start crushing churn


up and down chart

What Churn Means And How it Affects Your Business

If you don’t think churn matters to your business, you’re mistaken. Countless big companies have gone out of business because they didn’t place enough focus on fixing customer churn.

Thumb crushing churn

The Crush Your Churn Guide

A step-by-step guide on how and where to start crushing churn. You’ll find 3 big churn crushing opportunities that will give you the confidence to start controlling your churn. (View now. No email required.)

If you want more help

I work with companies with a minimum of $3 million ARR. But, I know what it’s like to want personalized, expert help.

Growth Mentor solves that problem.


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With a low monthly fee, you can book 1-on-1 calls with vetted experts on topics like:

product development
content strategy
developing ideal customer profiles
cold email
social media strategy
marketing automation
product management
outbound sales
and, of course, churn
and more…

➡️ You get 30-60 minutes to talk with a vetted growth expert about the challenges you’re having. Growth Mentors give you specific advice to answer the questions you have to help you achieve your goals faster.

➡️ You’ll also find me on Growth Mentor. If you want to talk about churn crushing strategies, you can book a call with me via the Growth Mentor platform.

➡️ As an early growth stage business, the expertise you’ll find with Growth Mentor is second to none. See for yourself.