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P.S. The Churn Crusher System has been replaced by Customer Insights 360, our proprietary system of gathering context-driven insights that help you solve your biggest retention challenges.


What other CS Leaders think about their confidential call

Anita took the time to offer some really great advice for forming a Customer Feedback strategy to drive better feedback engagement amongst customers.

Anita clearly knows her stuff and is able to share it in a way that is insightful and actionable. A true CX thought leader and custodian of the trade.
Thanks Anita!

Sam Quirke


Anita’s advice and feedback was invaluable and I already see being able to communicate this internally for positive impact.

I would highly recommend Anita for anyone looking to learn how to crush churn via valuable feedback and insights.

Shari Srebnick


Anita’s high energy and positive attitude made for a highly engaging session together!

She was kind enough to tailor her guidance to my needs, discussing post-onboarding feedback strategies to maximize customers’ success.

She was highly knowledgeable and has helped me to develop a clear process to execute this plan.

I highly recommend speaking with Anita to discuss your customer needs.
Thanks, Anita!

Simon Trenker