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Has this happened to you?

I was just a number.
A quick sale.
No one special.
Just another cog in the wheel.

I was shocked.

I was disappointed.

And I was so angry.


It was 2016 and I was growing my Facebook ad agency. I was buying course after course learning about marketing, sales and growing a digital business. I didn’t know that all of these courses had an underlying value – make big dollars and only give a passing glance to customer retention.

Unfortunately, I quickly found out the hard way.

In the span of 2 months, I had 2 very shockingly disappointing experiences with 2 digital marketing gurus. I discovered that publicly they talked about how customer retention was valuable, but in actuality, that wasn’t the case. As a customer, instead of being supported, I quickly discovered that

I was just a number.
A quick sale.
No one special.
Just another cog in the wheel.

Those 2 experiences left me disappointed, disgusted, and angry.

I was so upset that I immediately stopped following those ‘gurus’. And I decided to change my personal values and beliefs.

these experiences led to my biggest change ever 


I Changed my Personal values and my beliefs

Just a few months earlier, I’d come across a few businesses that were focused on making their customers’ successes and the customer experience a top priority. This small handful of companies were growing quickly and had very loyal customers. 

I watched how these companies engaged with their customers. I saw the success of their customers. I observed how loyal their customers were. It was fascinating! From my observations, I quickly came to believe that retention, not solely via acquisition, was a viable way to grow a company.

That was it!

It finally clicked–shift the goal from growth via acquisition to growth via acquisition & retention and success will follow quickly behind!

I closed my Facebook ad agency and now help B2B SaaS companies create powerful plans that help them crush churn by focusing on their customers’ successes and customer experience by learning more about what their customers want, need and desire.

Anita Toth

I truly believe that the successful companies of the future will be those who help their customers succeed and create the best customer experience.

Anita Toth

My Passion

My passion is a mission — I want companies to put as much time into talking to their customers as they spend looking at metrics about their customers.

I want businesses to see that the better they know their customer, the better they can help their customers succeed, and the better they can create an amazing customer experience. And the more their customers succeed and have great experiences, the more loyal they are.

I believe every company can—and should—help their customers succeed by getting to know their wants, needs and desires. From there, a business has the power and knowledge to create amazing customer experiences which keep their customers staying longer.

I believe that soon, customers will choose companies based not on products or features but on how well those companies help them succeed and how committed these companies are to creating a great customer experience.

I believe that the most successful companies of the future will be those who choose true customer-centricity that maximizes customer experience and satisfaction.

And I know that context-driven data can help them get there.

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