About Anita




I was shocked

and very disappointed.

And I was so angry.

Those strong emotions led me to decide right then and there that I was going to do a 180 degree turn and start helping companies foster respectful, supportive and empowering connections with their customers.

It was 2016 and I was growing my Facebook ad agency. I was buying course after course learning about marketing, sales and growing a digital business. I didn’t know that all of these courses had an underlying value – make big dollars and only give a passing glance to customer retention.

Unfortunately, I quickly found out the hard way.

In the span of 2 months, I had 2 very shockingly disappointing experiences with 2 digital marketing gurus. I discovered that publicly they talked about how customer retention was valuable, but in actuality, that wasn’t the case. As a customer, instead of being supported, I quickly discovered that

I was just a number.
A quick sale.
No one special.
Just another cog in the wheel.

Those 2 experiences left me disappointed, disgusted, and angry.

I was so upset that I immediately changed the experts I was following online and …

these experiences led to my biggest change ever 


I Changed my Personal values

I came to see that companies can be profitable by focusing on retention. Companies CAN do very well financially by being supportive of their customers’ successes. I came to see that financial success and customer success are mutually inclusive.

During my 180 degree pivot, I started to build my own SaaS with a partner. It was then I learned about the pain of churn. While my SaaS never got past beta, I’d learned enough to realize that I had the skills, experience and passion to help other companies reduce their churn pain. In addition to my SaaS experience, I also have over 14 years of finely honed qualitative research skills as a Research Coordinator at a university research institute. My skills, passion and experience ensure that I can successfully help others.

A short time later, I closed my Facebook ad agency and built my business helping B2B SaaS companies deal with churn.

Anita Toth

My Passion

My true passion is getting businesses to see that the more effort they put into retaining the customers they have, that higher revenues and profits will follow. This is nothing new. But KNOWING and DOING are two different things.

I work with companies that want to DO better for their customers by making customer experience and customer success THE TOP priority.

People come to me when they’re tired of trying to figure churn out on their own. They come when they want faster results, but they don’t know how to get them. They come to me when they want to prioritize customer experience but they’re not sure how.

Yes, I focus on churn. But churn is really the negative side of great customer experience.

I believe every company can—and shouldget better at providing great customer experience.

I also believe, in the near future, that customers will choose SaaS based not on products or features but on great customer experience.

I truly believe that successful SaaS companies will be those who give the best customer experience.

And those companies that don’t, won’t be around for long.

If you think I can help you reduce churn, schedule a confidential consultation with me. 



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