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About anita

I’m a highly curious person who likes to ask Why and How can we make this better?

My obsession

I drove my parents crazy as a kid by constantly asking questions.

Why does it have to be that way?

Why can’t we do it this way?

What happens if we do this?

This obsession to know more, lead me to a 20-year academic career. The highlight was 14 years in a university research institute where all we did was ask questions, look at the answers, find patterns and try to explain what we had found.

The end?

My career in the university research institute ended
when government grants dried up and
I was laid off.

My layoff was the best thing ever.

I’d always had small side businesses

My layoff meant I could devote 100% of my time to creating new and larger businesses. And it was in those new businesses I learned my research skills and my obsession with asking questions was a real asset.


Working so many years in a university research institute, I look at things differently.

I spot patterns where others can’t.

As a consultant, these patterns are obvious to me and I ask one of my favorite questions: “Why is it like that?

And it’s in answering that question that hidden opportunities are discovered.

Suddenly, new solutions to reduce churn become obvious.

I love watching my clients transform.

They go from worried to relieved.
From frustrated to happy.

When it comes to churn, they now have




I understand what a huge headache churn can be.

so I can Help you, Pick the one that describes you:

Less than $1 Million ARR

Between $1 - 2 Million ARR

More than $3 Million ARR