In this episode, I join Vinay Koshy on his podcast, Predictable B2B Success.

We have a great conversation about customer retention techniques. We even delve into talking about customer attraction and how it relates to customer retention.

We also cover:

  • The best place to start in crafting a compelling customer experience that attracts your ideal clients;
  • Why you should interview customers;
  • What’s missing in all the data that most companies acquire;
  • How to find the best people to interview your customers;
  • How to get your team on onboard with implementing customer attraction techniques;
  • The best ways to collate knowledge and insights from customer experiences;
  • The best frequency for data reviews and implementation;
  • The best ways to build trust with your customers and future customers;
  • How to get data from churned customers and build better customer experiences.

If you’re looking to retain customers and reduce churn, this podcast episode is perfect for you.

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