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Reduce Your Churn. Increase Your Profits.


Pouring more money and effort into marketing for new customers will only go so far in overcoming the effects of high churn.

To be a profitable SaaS business, high churn rates must be reduced.

This is often more challenging for businesses to accomplish than they first think.

And there’s a reason for that.


Reducing churn is a complex issue.


If it were a simple issue, most businesses would have much lower churn rates.

To effectively reduce churn, simultaneous strategies must be executed, measured and decisions made on the results.

And that triggers a whole list of questions:

Which strategies should be used?

Which strategies will work best overall?

Which strategies are the best to start with?

How to decide which strategies will work for my company?

It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with so many other aspects to your business.

  • You know your business is solid.
  • Customer purchases prove that.
  • But there’s just too many customers leaving.


Churn is

  • slowing down growth
  • eating into your profits
  • a never-ending headache


The simplest way to reduce churn is to keep more of the customers you have.

(I bet you just rolled your eyes at that sentence.)

You’ve already Googled how to reduce churn.

And you’ve found a lot of articles, videos, downloads, books, all with different answers, different strategies and a lot of them just giving general advice.

You’ve asked other founders or product managers what they’ve done.

You’re feeling the pressure from high churn.

You need to start reducing churn in your company NOW.

You’ve spent enough time trying to figure it out on your own.

It’s time to take action

That’s where I come in.

We’ll determine which churn reduction strategies will have the greatest impact, and in which order to execute them.

You can stop wasting time looking for answers and start getting that churn rate lowered now.

We’ll use multiple strategies, employed at the right time and in the right order, to gain quick momentum in reducing churn.

Using similar strategies:

Mention reduced churn by 22% by increasing communication with their customers.

Groove reduced churn by 71% by defining why customers quit.

In working with me, you’ll discover:


Why your customers churn.

Up to 66% of people are willing to give a business a second chance. Find out why your customers left and how you can will them back.


Why your customers are considering leaving.

More than 50% of customers that leave really don’t want to. At a minimum, they’ve invested their time and sometimes their money. Find out why they’re considering leaving and how you can get them to stay. 


How to identify at-risk customers who are looking to churn.

At-risk customers exhibit signs they’re getting ready to churn. Find out what those signs are for your business so you act quickly and drastically reduce the risk they’ll churn.


If you’re ready to quickly start reducing churn, promptly start increasing your profits, and rapidly start gaining freedom from stress and worry over why your customers are leaving, I’m here to help.

Fill out the short application.

Then book a time to talk.

We’ll talk about where your business is now and where you’d like it be. And then determine the best way to get you there.

About Anita

Anita’s worked with many different hard and soft data systems and strategies over her nearly 20 years working in different universities. She loves to build systems and strategies that support growth.

She works with mid and late-stage startup/early growth phase SaaS companies to identify and implement key hard and soft collection systems and strategies that support their growth by reducing churn. 

What my clients say

I wholeheartedly recommend Anita Toth for the job. I did get my scientific confirmation that we’re on the right track with where we’re going with Trademark Factory. However, I also got the much-needed clarity on the language to use in our marketing to attract our “avatar”, our best clients.

Andrei Minkov

Founder, Trademark Factory

Anita is a world class expert of her craft. She’s well versed in all the latest methods and, rather than just taking a cookie cutter approach, she works directly with you to figure out the best methods for your unique situation.

Joshua Schukman

Founder, Social Change Nation

Anita transformed my ability to create beautiful pictures into my business, Your Social Designer, and then selling them to my audience.

Erica Tironi

Founder, Your Social Designer