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I’m Anita.

I’ve taken my 20+ years of academic research experience & created Customer Insights 360  our system for B2B Customer Success Leaders to collect data-driven customer insights instead of having to rely on intuition to determine the best winning outcomes. 

Show me how Customer Insights 360 can work for me.


I am a . . .

Customer Success Leader

SaaS Founder


As a SaaS Entrepreneur, it is always hard to be on top of everything —

We need to handle customers, admin tasks, product development, inbound marketing etc. to make money.

Anita not only helped us to understand the amazing financial value we could add to our MRR by just optimizing these users’ management, but she also put in place the right processes in our organization to maximize the dollar value of each user trying our SaaS.

Unlike most consultants, she doesn’t only give advice. She supervises the evolution of our optimization process and makes sure that every step is completed.

Anita was a wonderful asset for the success of our SaaS.

Stéphane Cohen

Founder and CEO, Shared Contacts for Gmail

About Anita

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Has this happened to you?

I was just a number.
A quick sale.
No one special.
Just another cog in the wheel.

I was shocked.
I was disappointed.

And I was so angry.

Find out what happened next. 


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Anita is one of those rare talented-yet-dynamic individuals that knows her and is a pleasure to work with. Although Anita has clear expertise in B2B “customer experience and success,” I think it’s really Anita’s careful questioning, upbeat style, and “let’s get it done” enthusiasm that really makes Anita shine more than the rest to attract our best clients.

Steve Bernstein

Co-Founder and Customer Success Expert

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Show me how Customer Insights 360 can work for me.


I am a . . .

Customer Success Leader

SaaS Founder

I had the pleasure of working with Anita as she advised us on our UX and onboarding process. Anita got into the shoes of our customers, signing up for our platform and noting absolutely everything in detail which was a major boost to our team and product development.

The feedback she provided was invaluable. I would highly recommend her services.

Tyler Scionti

Co-Founder, Centori