Helping to reduce churn for B2B SaaS.

Hey. I’m Anita.
I help growing B2B SaaS companies remove their churn headache so they can retain more customers and grow more profitably.


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Founder Less than $1 Million ARR

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Customer Success Leader

As a SaaS Entrepreneur, it is always hard to be on top of everything —

We need to handle customers, admin tasks, product development, inbound marketing etc. to make money.

Anita not only helped us to understand the amazing financial value we could add to our MRR by just optimizing these users’ management, but she also put in place the right processes in our organization to maximize the dollar value of each user trying our SaaS.

Unlike most consultants, she doesn’t only give advice. She supervises the evolution of our optimization process and makes sure that every step is completed.

Anita was a wonderful asset for the success of our SaaS.

Stéphane Cohen

Founder and CEO, Shared Contacts for Gmail

About Anita

I was shocked and very disappointed.

And I was so angry.

Those strong emotions led me to decide right then and there that I was going to do a 180 degree turn and start helping companies foster respectful, supportive and empowering connections with their customers.

Find out what happened that led me to make this change. 

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I wholeheartedly recommend Anita for the job. I got my scientific confirmation that we’re on the right track with where we’re going with Trademark Factory.

I also got the much needed clarity on how to attract our best clients.

Andrei Minkov

Founder, Trademark Factory

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Founder Less than $1 Million ARR

Founder or CRO $1 Million+ ARR

Customer Success Leader

I went from confused, frustrated with myself to energized and clear about the next step forward.

I don’t still know how Anita did it.

Anthony English

Founder, Anthony English